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Cataratas Minas del Aguacate: Free, Fabulous and Fun!

Something every traveller is searching for in Costa Rica: FREE and fun waterfalls! Cataratas las Minas del Aguacate is a fabulous, hidden pit stop when heading towards the West-Coast of Costa Rica.

This hidden jam is located on a small side road of the main road between Atenas and San Mateo / Orotina. A visit to these waterfalls can be a perfect part of an adventurous day trip from Mangífera Hostel to Playa Blanca, a paradisical white sand, snorkel and palm beach just a couple of kilometres north of Jacó.

On your day trip to Playa Blanca you can, besides paying a visit these waterfalls, include a stop at the river Tárcoles to watch the crocodiles, experience the urban vibe of the 'Mirador de Jaco' (Jaco's viewpoint). On the map below, you can check out the exact location of this 'off the beaten track' beauty.

As you would expect 'off the beaten track' also means that it isn't easy to get there by public transport or without your own vehicle... Once at the parking spot though, the first waterfalls are just about 50 metres away from the road. If you do have your own vehicle, rental car or motorcycle it's definitely worth a visit.

The image below shows the side road that you need to take to get to the waterfalls.

Once you see the bridge in the picture down below, you know you're right! On the left hand side of the picture, you see the car park and on the right hand side of the road you'll find the entry to an obvious path towards the waterfalls.

Remember: the entrance is free! The only favour they ask is that you take your trash with you after your visit! Well, that seems the least you can do, right? ;-)

As you can see in the pictures below, these waterfalls are such a joy... The water is refreshing and crystal clear. The shapes of the rocks give the place an extra special touch. They provide enough space for everyone to hang around, bath in the sun, have a nice picnic or a great canvas for the photography enthusiast.

If you feel really adventurous, you can dive from the rock into the water or try to slide down the natural slides. There are at least 4 waterfalls and about 5 / 6 big natural pools about a dozens of small natural pools to enjoy!

Here and there, you'll encounter some old mining equipment. All the way at the top of the waterfalls, you can find the entry of the old mine. You could enter the mine, but it's advisable to be careful. At least bring a torch and never wander too far.

We wish you a wonderful time at Cataratas Las Minas de Aguacate!


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