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How to get to Monteverde by bus?

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

It's an excellent option to start your Costa Rica journey in our hostel in Grecia and to then, move on to Monteverde. The good news is that there is a direct bus connection between Grecia and Monteverde! Down below we explain you step by step how to get to Monteverde by bus.

At this moment the road from Grecia to Monteverde is closed, due to construction. Please ask us about what this means for your trip to Monteverde before booking your bus ticket.

  • Step 1: Go to (on your smartphone! On the computer the website doesn't work properly).

  • Step 2: Fill in the required information:

    • At 'Origin City' fill in San José

    • At 'Available Routes' fill in 675 San José - Monteverde

    • At 'Destination City' fill in Monteverde

    • At 'Boarding City' fill in Grecia

    • Choose your travel date

    • Choose your travel time: there are 2 buses per day. One at 6:30 AM and one at 2:30 PM This is NOT the hour that the bus will be at the bus stop in Grecia. It's the hour the bus will LEAVE from San José. We advise you to be at the bus stop about half an hour later, so either at 7AM or at 3PM. You will probably still have to wait a bit for the bus to pass by, but it's better to be too early than too late.

    • Fill in your personal information, choose your seat and pay your ticket.

    • We advise you to take a screen shot of the booking confirmation in your browser.

    • You'll receive a confirmation email with your ticket.

      • If you don't receive the confirmation email with the ticket within an hour after you paid for the ticket, you'll have to call the bus company.

Step 3: Call the bus company to confirm that your reservation came through. We advise to do this, because the bus will be picking you up along the highway. So, it's nice to know that the bus driver is going to be aware that he has to stop a moment to pick you up along the way. You can find their phone number on the e-ticket you received by e-mail.

Step 4: Go to the bus stop

  • As we explained above: be at the bus stop at 7AM or at 3PM. The bus stop is NOT in the city centre of Grecia. It's at the exit to Grecia of highway number 1. This is the exact location on Google Maps:

  • It's going to take you about 15 minutes to get to bus stop from the hostel.

  • The best option is to go there by Uber or red taxi. In Uber you can search for 'Monumento Griego' ( Tell the driver that you have to go to the bus stop to Monteverde at the highway.

  • You can also take the bus to San José and tell the bus driver you have to get down at the 'Monumento Griego'. The bus to San José leaves about every half an hour at this bus station, about 150 metre from the hostel. You can find the most up to date time table at the bus station. Calculate a bit more time to get there by bus, about 30 minutes.

Just so you know: The bus will stop at a 'Soda' along the way (a restaurant with local food).

Enjoy your trip to Monteverde!

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